These pictures of me 'geeking out' were taken during a truly horrific, yet historic, moment in time. I could probably lose my geek status for admitting this, but for about two heart-stopping hours yesterday I did not have ONE SINGLE WORKING COMPUTER in my house!! I usually have four of 'em up and running at any given time (as you can see by the monitors in my computer room). But two of my babies were maimed by a series of power surges about a month ago (only one got fried - the other was cannibalized for parts to assist his fallen comrade). Yesterday I dismantled my other two for some routine chip & mobo upgrades, which I can usually do in my sleep, but for some mysterious reason both computers stubbornly refused to boot up afterwards. As I write this now, I have exactly ONE working computer in the house, so I'm typing verrry gingerly, and praying I don't do anything to piss this computer off before I can get the other guys back up and running...

Doing upgrades always turns my computer room into a crazy tornado of geek tools & toys OK, I'm getting serious now - the shirt comes off as I kick into geek hyperdrive! Uh-oh, better hide your computers - she's armed, dangerous, and looking for a challenge! Did I ever mention how much I love doing this stuff? Look at that smile - I'm in my element!

OK, so my methods of convincing computers to cooperate are a bit, um, unorthodox... Snugsy! It's time we had a little chat about "House Rules for Cats in the Computer Room"... Cats believe all small household items are cat toys, so I'm constantly missing screws and jumpers OK, now that Snugsy's got the basics down, it's time for Tigger's more advanced geek training!

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