WARNING! - This shading has been exaggerated for illustrative purposes! (It's about twice as dark as I'd normally do!) Only contour this heavily if you're a cross-dressing performer in a Las Vegas stage show!

When properly done, contouring can 'magically' reshape and enhance facial features almost as effectively as plastic surgery!

Instead of buying special contouring powder, I just use blush or eyeshadow in a neutral brown tone 2 or 3 shades darker than my skin tone. But I do apply shading with a 'contouring brush', which looks like a blush brush, but smaller and more defined. (available at any drugstore)

As you can see in the picture, I contour quite a few things:
  • the sides of my face, to make it appear narrower
  • the hollows of my cheeks, to define my cheekbones
  • the tip of my nose, to make it thinner and more defined
  • my forehead, to make it appear lower
  • my jawline, to define the jaw and strengthen the chin

    Have fun experimenting with shading different parts of your face to see what works best for you! Everyone has their own secret little quirks about things they'd like fixed or tweaked on their face, and a bit of well-placed contouring may be all you need to reshape those quirky bits into just what you've always wanted! :)

    OK! Next up, APPLYING BLUSH...