• Using a freshly sharpened lipliner pencil (I like MAC lipliners, especially the color 'spice', which goes with nearly everything), carefully outline just outside the natural line of your lips.

  • Fill in your lips with the lipliner. (Using liner as a base under lipstick makes the color last longer)

  • Now apply lipstick or lipgloss INSIDE the lipline, using a color 1 or 2 shades lighter than the liner.


    Everyone knows the basic steps above, but here's the part that really creates that illusion of full, sexy, (and one other phrase I'll refrain from using here - HAHAHA!) you-know-what lips:

  • Just in the middle part of each lip, add a dab of gloss or lipstick in a super-light shade from the same color family as your base lipcolor (ie: pale frosty pink on pink/purple lips, very pale beige on earth tones)

  • Apply clear gloss over entire lips

  • Finally, using just a fingertip, add a touch of white or silver dust to highlight only the very center of your bottom lip. (MAC makes a great sparkly silver highlighting dust, but in a pinch, you can always use a touch of white or silver eyeshadow)

    Note - Try NOT to do that lip-smacking smoodge-together thing that all women like to do when they're done applying lipstick, because it musses the carefully applied highlighting effect, and makes it wear off quickly!

    Well, that's about it, my friends! Dust a little translucent finishing powder over your face to keep it from getting shiny, and you're all done! Now check out some of the different looks you can achieve on my FINISHED FACES picture page...