For years now, I've been getting badgered by all you girlies out there to share my secret makeup tricks with you, so here it is - I'm finally going to reveal my entire makeup routine for you guys! (I don't know WHY I'm doing this - now you'll all look just like me, and I'll lose my niche as 'exotic-looking'... DOH!! Hehehe!) Anyway, I am NOT a professionally trained makeup artist, but countless pros have worked their magic on my face over the years, and I just swiped my favorite tricks from each makeup artist until I finally had the perfect beauty routine for ME! :) Most photographers ask me to do my own makeup for shoots now, and sometimes they even ask if I can make up the other models as well, but I've never done anyone's face but my own, so I say: "Sure, as long as you want us all to look half-Asian!" Hehehe!! But that shouldn't bother YOU guys, since most of the requests I get for makeup tips are from Asian and half-Asian girls anyway!

OK, what I'm going to do is tell you step-by-step exactly how I make up my own face for that full-on "porno glam" look, and you can decide for yourself which things will look good on you! The menu at the left shows each of the steps in the order I actually do them, so you can follow my routine just as I do it, or you can skip right to the steps that interest you - it's all good! :)

OK, I confess, this isn't QUITE the first time I've shared my makeup routine - I did it once before, for a documentary crew that followed me around during the 2000 CES show in Vegas. Boy, talk about a major buttpain!! Normally it takes me 2 to 2 1/2 hours to get into full-on glamour mode, but it takes a HELLUVA lot longer with a tv crew, lights, and equipment crammed into the bathroom with me!