At a quarter of a million dollars, Adam and Eve's "Search for the Snow Leopard" is one of the most expensive adult movies ever made. The head of Adam and Eve called me at home from their corporate headquarters in North Carolina, and asked me to consider coming out of retirement to star in this ambitious project. Once I heard the shooting schedule, with wild panthers and tigers, exotic locations, skydivers, poachers, and an outrageous budget to make it all happen - who was I to say no? Of course I had no idea that this would turn out to be by far the most difficult and demanding shoot of my entire career, but now that's all over, the movie's awesome and AVN Magazine gave it their first-ever perfect score of double 10's... so yeah, it was worth it! It was also the only movie I made all year, so I know you're dying to get a copy, right? Well conveniently enough, I happen to have some copies right here on my Sales Page... hehehe!

A boxcover test polaroid (they never used any of my head shots - maybe there was no film in the camera...?) With my lovely co-star, Ashton Moore, Ultimate's contract girl (she's standing on a box to match my height) Doing my best impression of Eve, lost in the garden of Eden (um, did they have boobjobs back then? hehe!) Half-dead at 3am on day 6, the icy cold water brought me back to life just enough to finish the final scene of the movie

Ashton and I, bravely hiking through dangerous mountain terrain, on a quest to save the endangered snow leopard... ...Until the camera stops rolling - then we yell for a ride back to our trailer for snacks and airconditiong! My flying scenes are fake - I made them swear ahead of time that my feet wouldn't leave the ground! James Bonn does a cool scene with me, where he morphs into a snow leopard right before my eyes!

Ashton and I posing perkily for the press, with 10 new and upcoming starlets waiting to ravage us later! Here we all are five minutes after the cameramen went away - hot, sweaty, and wishing for some serious shade... ...and then the sun set, and we froze our butts off! (the high desert goes from 99 to 40 degrees in about 2 hours!) We tried to get publicity shots with a snow leopard, but she kept growling at the photographer if he came too close!

I wanna get a copy of that movie!

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