Always start with a clean, freshly scrubbed face!

Pull hair into ponytail or headband to get it out of the way, and if necessary:
  • Tweeze brows
  • Use Visine
  • Apply moisturizer (lightly!)


    (I use generic coverup sticks that resemble tubes of lipstick, which can be found at any drugstore.)

    Concealers come in three basic colors. Each color has a specific purpose:

  • GREEN covers RED - Use green concealer on pimples and scars to neutralize redness. I also dab green on my nose, which turns red when I get too hot or cold.

  • YELLOW covers BLUE - Yellow will neutralize dark blue circles under eyes, and also helps to hide blue/green bruises.

  • WHITE covers SHADOWS - White will minimize shadows from lines or grooves in the face, ie: smile lines, under eyes, etc. White also HIGHLIGHTS features, so use on cheekbones or deep-set eyes to make them more prominent.


    Using your fingertips or a makeup sponge (I use generic white triangle sponges available at any drugstore), apply foundation evenly to face and neck*, blending it into the concealer until everything is one smooth color**. When you're done, matte your whole face down with translucent or neutral powder to prepare for the next step, CONTOURING and SHADING...

    *Don't forget your neck, or you'll get a cheesy telltale line where the makeup stops at your chin! DOH!

    **Make sure you buy a foundation that matches your skin color exactly, or you'll look really stupid! To check a color, dab it on the back of your hand between your thumb and forefinger and gently blend it in - a good color match will 'disappear'!